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Coolman Media Careers

We are hiring special individuals

to help build our universe! 


About Coolman Media

Coolman Media is the powerhouse behind the viral self-proclaimed bad animator Danny Casale a.k.a Coolman Coffeedan. Since his animation “snakes have legs” went viral in 2017, Coolman Coffeedan has been bringing short inspirational, moviational, and down-right cute videos to the timelines of millions of users across Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube. With the expansion of our Coolman universe, we are looking to bring on an individual who has a multitude of creative and organizational skills.

Open Positions

Animator/ Assistant Producer 

Full Time, Primarily Remote

Los Angeles, California

We are looking for a primarily 2D cartoon animator and illustrator that can help assist with a multitude of creative projects and events. Examples of other projects would be assisting in creating graphics for our apparel line, designing images and animated videos for brand collaborations, and assisting in executing event themes. This position is primarily remote, but we will be getting a studio space in DTLA for the team to collaborate in person and host events. This is not your typical office job and will sometimes require assistance in the evenings and on weekends.


About You:

This position is an incredibly unique opportunity for a very special and passionate individual. On a broad level, you should be a very organized individual who can set deadlines for yourself, create calendars, and think ahead about what tasks will need to be done. On a day to day basis, you should be someone who wants to have a hand in every project that comes your way. Social media and internet culture should be of interest to you. You should be excited about meeting new people and look forward to attending large events.  You should be eager to be a part of something bigger and willing to help in working as a team to build our universe!


  • Must provide up to date animation reel

  • Proficient in Adobe Animate or Toon Boom, Adobe Illustrator, and Media Encoder

  • Experience with 2D animation techniques and lip syncing 

  • Experience creating graphics for instagram, youtube, or other social platforms

  • Is able to replicate existing art styles and characters within design guidelines

  • Has worked as part of a creative team as either an employee or freelance artist

  • Is comfortable in large social settings and networking 

  • Can pivot between projects quickly and can prioritize tasks as they arise

  • fundamental understanding of animation and the production process

** This position does not require an advanced degree and we encourage those who have learned animation on their own accord to apply. Your demo reel should be a testament to your skillset. **


Huge plus if you have experience in: 

  • Creating instagram advertisements

  • 3D modeling or animation

  • Making filters in Spark AR

  • Adobe After Effects 

  • Working for a social media company



  • Create branded graphics, announcements, and posters

  • Design emojis and stickers

  • Animate gifs and short 2D videos in Adobe Animate

  • Proof read and create verbiage for graphics

  • Assist on a multitude of brand deals and collaborative projects

  • Stay versed in current social media trends and memes

  • Keep an up to date calendar 

  • Handle notes and be proactive in communicating 

  • Give and receive feedback about artwork and copy

  • Provide creative and innovative ideas around storylines

  • Help with problem solving on new tasks

  • Help to execute and work in-person events

How to apply

  • Send an email to with the subject “YOUR NAME Coolman Animator/ Assistant Producer Application”

  • Write in the body of the email a concise one paragraph cover letter 

  • Tell us in 2-3 sentences why you want to work for Coolman Media

  • Link your website and/or socials 

  • Attach or link a resume & demo reel

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